Program Options

盛天集团achieve high standards within your learning environment. parallax provides options for getting started at any level – from late elementary to university.  the skills your students will develop from our educational programs are transferable, and will stay with them throughout their school careers and beyond.

Programming Languages

Windows Mac and ChromebookParallax offers a variety of programming languages suited for educational development.  Our programming software choices are supported on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.  Free online resources and tutorials for text- and visual-based languages like BlocklyProp, PBASIC, Arduino, C, and Spin exist on .  The BlocklyProp programming tool has a companion application available for use on Chromebooks.  The for Chromebook is available the Chrome Web Store.


California Educators

if you are a california high school looking to add to your schedule, look no further! we offer a selection of a-g approved courses covering robotics and microcontrollers. a-g is an approval specific to california high schools (), and is administered by the university of california board of regents.